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day 91/p 365

 I love photos of kids! She is looking at the camera like she is looking at a face, she even wants the camera to wear pearls! Could be an interesting way of holding the camera around my neck…


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day 90/p 365

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day 89/p 365

 There is no camera free time at my house! Don’t they look so comfortable???

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day 88/p365

 He was looking for the chickens and then wasn’t too happy when we went out to the coop and a chicken flew right past his head!

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day 87/p 365

 This is a real baby, even though she looks like a doll!

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day 86/p365

 Uuummmmm, I you have a little something hanging off your bottom lip……

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day 85/p 365

 WWWEEEEEEE!!!!!! I love the bandaid under the eye!

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